Minor I – American Classic Organ

Virtual Pipe Organs for use with Milan Digital Audio’s Hauptwerk Software.



Console View (click for larger image)

Minor I Organs:

• American Classic, 2 manuals + pedal
• Pedal, Swell and Great divisions
• Wet and Dry versions available
• 30 Stops

Detailed  information can be found on these pages:



You can  download a PDF with all the descriptions on the web site here.

The Minor I and Major I Organs are the first in a series from the Hydra Sound Group, a cooperation of Pipe Organ recording companies and individuals from all over the world. Etcetera Consulting is the coordinating and publishing partner for the Group. The group represents many of the most skillful contributors to the Virtual Pipe Organ community, with expertise in recording, playing, noise reduction, voicing, UI design and programming. Members of the group have contributed to more than 20 of the organs currently available, and are involved in several organs soon to be released, some here at Etcetera Pipe Organs, but also as consultants and suppliers to other Virtual Pipe Organ publishers.