Major I – American Classic Organ


• American Classic, 3 manuals + pedal
• Pedal, Swell, Great and Choir divisions
• Swell and Choir: Expression & Tremulant
• 65 ranks

48kHz, 16bit from 96/48kHz, 24bit masters
Samples are protected, does not require USB dongle

Version needed: 4.0
Loads with Free Edition: No (Max 1.5 GB limit)

Dry version:
Releases: 1
Reverb : ~500 ms.
Memory: 2.2 GB for full organ, so full Dry organ needs Hauptwerk Basic Edition at minimum

Wet version:
Releases: 3
Reverb : ~2.5 sec.
Memory: 4.5 GB for full organ, 3.4 GB with single release, so full Wet organ needs Hauptwerk Advanced Edition
• Blower
• Key Action
• Stop Action
• Tremulant Action
• User selects if Noises are loaded or not

Screen layouts:
Lansdscape formats:
• Console, Left Jamb, Right Jamb, Crescendo
Portrait formats:
• Console, Left Jamb, Right Jamb
Portrait layout is automagically enabled on portrait format monitors and windows

Manuals: 61 notes
Pedal: 32 notes
Chimes: 25 notes

8 pistons to Pedal Organ
8 pistons to Choir Organ
8 pistons to Great Organ
8 pistons to Swell Organ
10 General pistons to full organ