Jörgensen Tribute Organ



The organ needs Milan Digital Audio’s Hauptwerk Software version 4.0 or higher.
The download is very close to 1GB, and loading the organ on one of my machines shows that it needs around 1.2GB of available memory. Loading the sample set in Mono can further reduce the memory demand, and I have tried to instruct Hauptwerk then to simulate a C/C# spread at 4.5 meters width. Loading the samples in Mono will still play in Stereo, but Hauptwerk first makes a Mono version of the original Stereo, and then takes care of panning the resulting loaded Mono samples into Stereo at real time. In my opinion this is audibly inferior to using the supplied Stereo samples, and should be avoided unless your machine has a very limited amount of memory.

It is a Wet organ, but the reverb is rather short – typically ~1.4 seconds. The samples and organ definitions are encrypted, and you cannot reduce the reverb. This is intentional. The organ does not need the HW USB dongle, and it plays very well with the Hauptwerk Free edition and its 256 polyphony limit. This is also intentional, but I strongly advise to buy Hauptwerk, it is worth every penny, fidelity-wise.

Installation notes

The Hauptwerk installation package comes with both a ”normal” and a ”locked for 48kHz Audio driver” version in the same installer:

  • Jorgensen2MWet
  • Jorgensen2MWet-ForLocked48kHzDrivers

Both are installed by default unless you select “No Action” on one of them. They use the same data package so only one Data section is installed. When loading in Hauptwerk both can be made available, and they will then share the data, but also the cache area, so if you switch between them the cache is rebuilt for the last version loaded.

If you know that your audio hardware works with locked 48kHz drivers, select Install on that one, and not on the other. Vice versa: if you know your hardware is NOT locked to 48kHz, select Install on the normal version, and not so on the 48kHz version. You may install both, but they will overwrite each other’s cache when switching between them, adding time to the initial loading each time you load.


The Jörgensen Tribute organ samples set is free to download and test. If you find the Sample set useful, a donation to help pay for equipment, further development, and web presence is appreciated. The suggested donation amount is US$50.

If you would like to donate a larger amount, you may specify the amount yourself - (less is also allowed! :) )



Clicking the link below will start a download to your machine. Please make sure that downloads are allowed from your browser. If asked about Save or Run you should always select Save, and then select where to Save your downloaded Hauptwerk Installation package.
Jörgensen Tribute Organ Hauptwerk Installation Pacakage (~1 GB!)

Note1: If your download is renamed with a .zip extension after the download, you should rename the resulting file back to have a .rar extension.
Note2: Please refrain from opening up several multiple part downloads. Have some respect for others that are downloading – and don’t consume too much of the shared bandwidth! All activity is logged.

Documentation (included in the installation package):
Jörgensen Tribute Organ Documentation (2Mb)

Usage rights

The ”Jörgensen Tribute Organ” is Copyright © 2011 by Magne Nilsen, Etcetera Consulting AS, Norway. Email:etc.etc<at>online.no

  • You may use the sampled organ ”as is” for private usage. For Public performances you must apply to the copyright holder, and a written signed agreement must be issued.
  • You are not allowed to use the organ or samples for any kind of derived work without a written signed agreement with the copyright holder.
  • You are not allowed to modify the samples or organ definition in any way.
  • You are not allowed to rehost or redistribute or charge for this work in any way.