Jörgensen Tribute Organ


Inside Åfjord Church, looking towards the organ.

Åfjord Organ facade

Åfjord Console

Åfjord left Jamb

Åfjord right Jamb



Below is a video from a large Hauptwerk Organ installation in Volsdalen Church in Ålesund, Norway. The delivery was done on Dec 14th, 2011, and the organ is already fully functional and in use, although the official opening is on Christmas Day. The clip was first screened on local TV, and then on National Television in the main news sending in the evening.

It is so far in Norwegian only – but I am looking into getting English subtitles…

The delivery consists of a large Hauptwerk installation with dual embedded touchscreens and a dedicated computer for displaying notes in PDF format in the center. All the woodwork is custom made in oak, and fills the entire area of the old removed organ desk. It has a 4 manual keyboard stack, a 30 note pedal, 3 Swell pedals, and 42 integrated buttons for registration, and additionally there will be 16 foot pistons.

The prior organ facade and blind pipes are kept as is, but behind them there is now an array of 16 speakers in addition to a dedicated 16′ SubHorn Bass system. To drive the sound there are several amplifiers pushing ~220 watts for each channel.

The cantor has selected a variety of dry organs suitable for the Church, and I am happy to report that the Jörgensen organ is among the ones selected!



Below is a picture from the players area during the installation: