Major II – Northern European Cathedral Organ

Prices and ordering


• The organs needs Milan Digital Audio’s Hauptwerk Software version 4.0 or higher.

Full Dry organ at 24bit needs 5.3 GB of available memory, and requires the Hauptwerk Advanced Edition
Full Dry organ at 16bit needs 2.9 GB of available memory, and works with the Hauptwerk Basic Edition

Full Wet Organ at 24bit needs 14.5 GB of available memory (7.5 GB in 16bit), and requires the Hauptwerk Advanced Edition


Major II NECO Dry, USD 199.00                               (3.3 GB download/1xDVD)
Major II NECO Wet, USD  249.00                             (3.5 + 4 GB = 7.5 GB download/2xDVD)
Major II NECO Dry & Wet Bundle USD  349.00        (3.3 + 3.5 + 4 GB = 10.8 GB download/3xDVD)
+ for DVD(‘s) and shipping, USD 25.00 (Select the alternative Buy button)

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Major II NECO Dry AND Wet Organ Bundle,USD  349.00
 Download only

Major II NECO Dry AND Wet Organ Bundle DVD, USD    374.00 (349 + 25)
 Download & 3xDVD shipping

Major II NECO Dry Organ, USD   199.00
 Download only

Major II NECO Dry Organ DVD, USD    224.00 (199 + 25)
 Download & 1xDVD shipping

Major II NECO Wet Organ, USD   249.00
 Download only

Major II NECO Wet Organ DVD, USD   274.00 (249 + 25)
 Download & 2xDVD shipping